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Scramble Stick Golf Ball Retriever Specials

ScrambleStick® Specials

 Free Domestic Shipping* on any size order!  Group, corporate and charity event pricing available for golf tournaments and special events. Give us a call @ 1-800-430-1038.

 *Free domestic shipping offer good on ScrambleStick golf ball retrievers and polo shirts. Excludes Alaska and Hawaii. Offer good through December 31st, 2019.  Restrictions apply. 

 Organize your own scramble tournament & give each individual participant a unique gift. ScrambleStick is a golf ball retriever that can be used immediately, right from the first fairway!  The Scramble Stick golf ball retriever and polo golf shirts. Personalized promotional products are a great way to promote your event. 

Planning Event?

Already have a large scramble outing planned?

Please let us know the size of your event so that the Scramble Stick golf ball retriever can be included. 

 Promote your event with personalized promotional products by Scramble Stick.

Retail opportunities?

Let us know how we can help your company make an impact in the retail market. The Scramble Stick golf ball retriever assists in making golf fun again. Personalized promotional products also make a wonderful tournament keepsake. 

Global ScrambleStick® opportunities?

Please feel free to write to us regarding any international opportunities for Scramble Stick golf ball retriever.

 Personalized promotional products are also a great way to promote your event.