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Branded golf items by Scramble Stick make the perfect door prize

Scramble Stick golf ball retriever by ScrambleStick


  ScrambleStick® aids in scramble play by allowing individual players to retrieve golf balls (from golf cart) with minimal downward lean. ScrambleStick® was developed by a veteran of the United States Air Force who's prosthetic leg was not going to impede with his passion for the game. ScrambleStick® is the perfect golf ball pick up stick . 

Here’s how it works: 

 Scramble team players play their ‘best ball’ and use the ScrambleStick® to pick-up their other balls. Simply place the suction cup over the golf ball and lightly press down on the ScrambleStick®. The rubber suction cup ‘holds’ the ball, allowing the golfer to remove it with very little effort. 

ScrambleStick® benefits:

· Lightweight design that’s easy to use 

· Minimizes physical effort required to retrieve golf ball

· Aids to speed scramble tournament play

· Available in four (4) unique sizes

· Space for promotional advertising  

· Add your school/company logo

· Fits in a golf bag club slot

 Scramble Stick golf ball retriever by ScrambleStick®. Branded golf items make the perfect door prize. Play your best ball and use ScrambleStick® on the others. Check out our YouTube channel and download our brochure below.

ScrambleStick® YouTube Channel
Scramble Stick golf ball retriever by ScrambleStick


 Scrambling for prizes and trophies can still be fun. Even if your health is excellent, it only takes one too many swipes to the ground to pull a back or shoulder muscle. Why lay on the sofa watching the game when you could be playing the game? The original ScrambleStick® makes the ideal scramble tournament golf ball retriever.  ScrambleStick® is the perfect golf tournament giveaway.

  ScrambleStick® is now available in four sizes. Branded golf items make the perfect scramble door prize. Also check out our ScrambleStick® embroidered polo golf shirts.


 "This  ScrambleStick is the best!  NO MORE bending over to pick up extra  balls when participating in golf outings in a scramble!  Or falling out  of the rolling cart when you're trying to pick up a ball.  AN ABSOLUTE  must to keep play moving .. for men or women!  LOVE MINE!  And so do my  golf partners!" 

 "Great product & company. We ordered these for giveaways at a couple of golf outings. The company was really accommodating and easy to work with. The graphic design came out great and we were very happy with people's reactions when they saw the scramble sticks. Thank you so much! 

 "Five Stars. We ordered the ScrambleStick for our annual ladies member/guest  scramble. They were a big hit! Several ladies wanted to purchase extras for their friends. The company is very easy to work with. Definitely  recommend them.  Great tournament gift."

"Nice  length and great for picking up balls when you hit more than one ball. Great for retrieving your ball in the rough/fairway when playing a  scramble golf game - without having to get out of the golf cart or bending over! Saves on the back and knees when getting the ball out of the cup. Would recommend to anyone who loves golf. Keeps your game fun and less painful when you have arthritis or sports injury. Picks up ball nicely  without a lot of pressure. Fits in golf bag club slot. - Great golf  helper!"

 "Both of these scramble sticks have worked great for my scramble team.  Both golf carts had their own stick."

 "This is  the perfect tool for playing a scramble. It fits in your bag and helps  you to quickly pick up the ball without dangerously leaning too far out  of a golf cart."

  "So happy to find this golf ball retriever. Eliminates having to get out of  the golf cart when playing...recommend this to all golfers."

  "Back and time saver! Want to golf in more scrambles now!"

  "Just exactly as I expected. Works great. Saves my back and getting out and back into the cart collecting balls in a scramble."

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ScrambleStick® Brochure (branded golf items)

ScrambleStick® Golf Ball Retriever Brochure with branded golf items that include Scramble Stick.