The original Scramble Stick golf ball retriever

Personalized golf gifts make great keepsake

Personalized promotional products make a wonderful keepsake

 Personalized golf gifts by Scramble Stick are the perfect door prize. Add your corporate or charity logo for a small fee (minimum 32 ScrambleStick order). Up to 24 logos can be added to ScrambleStick® depending on length. You could also sell advertising space to your tournament sponsors. Past client sponsors have include:

  • Alumni organizations
  • Golf courses & Pro shops
  • Fortune 500
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Insurance agencies
  • Healthcare networks
  • Car dealerships
  • Disability/Advocacy organizations

 We  use a very popular and reliable vinyl screening process. Using  a vinyl wrap material is more expensive but it allows your sponsors ad or company logo to be viewed for years to come. You have room to add between 6 and 24 sponsors, depending on the length of the  stick. When creating your template the advertising space available is as follows:

20" ScrambleStick = 12.75" x 2.973"

26" ScrambleStick = 18.75" x 2.973"

32" ScrambleStick = 24.75" x 2.973"

38" ScrambleStick = 30.75" x 2.973"

 The Scramble Stick golf ball retriever assists in making golf fun again. Personalized promotional products also make a wonderful tournament keepsake. 

Scramble Stick golf ball retriever by ScrambleStick
Scramble Stick golf ball retriever by ScrambleStick