Customize Your Scramble Stick golf ball retriever

Promote Your Golf Event by Adding Sponsors

  Add your corporate or charity logo for a small fee. Up to 15 logos can be added to ScrambleStick® depending on length. You could also sell advertising space to tournament sponsors. Past sponsors include:

Alumni organizations

Golf courses & Pro shops

Fortune 500

Chamber of Commerce

Insurance agencies

Healthcare groups

Car dealerships

Disability/Advocacy organizations

 We  use a very popular and reliable vinyl screening process. Our premium vinyl wraps are made from 3M materials that have UV inhibitors and are designed for lasting durability. This is the same material used by NASCAR and also applied to fleet vehicles. Using a better wrap material is more expensive but it allows your sponsors ad or company logo to be viewed for years to come. You have room to add between 6 and 24 sponsors, depending on the length of the  stick. When creating your template the advertising space available is as follows:

20" ScrambleStick = 12.75" x 2.973"

26" ScrambleStick = 18.75" x 2.973"

32" ScrambleStick = 24.75" x 2.973"

38" ScrambleStick = 30.75" x 2.973"

 Scramble Stick golf ball retriever by ScrambleStick. Play your best ball and use Scramble Stick on the others. 

Scramble Stick golf ball retriever by ScrambleStick

Scramble Stick golf ball retriever by ScrambleStick